Meet the Team

With a cumulative fifteen years experience of wedding photography, our team has earned praise for timeless images, and a unique relationship-driven approach. We’re a trio of refreshingly real, honest, and compassionate people. Who are as invested in your experience as you are. Who have a true understanding of your day and your vibe. And who capture what matters most in a naturally stunning way.

John Michael

Photographer, Videographer, Owner

For me, becoming a photographer & videographer was as much about falling in love with storytelling and people as it was learning the technicalities of light and composition. During my youth, I was exposed to the magic of image making in my high school darkroom. I quickly became obsessed with taking photographs of the things others took for granted every day- and making them special by translating them through my lens.
It was in this process that I learned even the most seemingly-ordinary moments are imbued with beauty and possibility. Today, I bring that same eye for detail and obsession for capturing unique moments to document your love from an original perspective.


Photographer, Videographer, Co-Owner

I’ve loved taking pictures since I took my first photo at a live  concert! And I’m inspired by the love I have for meeting new people.  I have photographed many different subjects, scenes, and moments. Portrait photography, engagement photos, wedding photography and more!  There’s a picture around every corner.


Photographer, Videographer, Creative Assistant

I began taking pictures in middle school with my point and shoot camera which catapulted into assisting wedding photographers in high school, and now a career. 

What I have learned from my years of photographing weddings is that every wedding is unique. Regardless of the season, the venue, or the attire, every wedding presents a new perspective because of the individuals who make up the day.