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Come high or low tide, this couple will remain by each other’s side. With the help of wedding planner Rain & Pines, Dusty and Bobby brought to life a beach elopement that prioritized their love for adventure, furry friends, and each other. From the secluded, sandy location to the intentionality-infused details, these audacious explorers planned a destination wedding day that made a 1500 mile drive well worth it. 

This couple dreamed of a faraway destination wedding but didn’t want to sacrifice the involvement of their loved ones—specifically their furry friends. To incorporate their pups back home, this couple wore Bulldog cufflinks and topped their wedding cake with a custom silhouette topper of the grooms and their three pups. 

From the sweet getting-ready moments to the golden hour waterfront vow readings. For couples dreaming of far-off celebrations without sacrificing stylish decor and the involvement of loved ones, keep scrolling. You’re in for a treat.  

Photographer’s Thoughts On This Beach Elopement

This was a 100% LGBTQ elopement. The couple, the photographer, the wedding planner, and even the officiant involved in this elopement is a part of the LGBTQ community.  It was so beautiful to see everyone come together to celebrate the most important thing—love! Dusty and Bobby’s day was filled with fun, laughter, and love. It was such a beautiful scene to witness and a privilege to photograph.

The Couple:

Dusty and Bobby

I'm John, a Los Angeles based wedding, business, lifestyle, and travel photographer. I'm crazy about what I do and love being creative on the daily. Whether I'm a third wheel on your wedding day, creating images for your new business, or just swapping travel stories, I'm doing it with passion and pouring my heart into our time together. I'm in my happy place when working with people who have a lust for life and don't take themselves too seriously. Let's do more than just take photos, let's create an experience and have some fun with it!

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