About John

Filmmaking has always been something I've been drawn to.

I remember even as a kiddo, I couldn't necessarily articulate what I was drawn to but the world of film always mesmerized me.

My journey began making short films, over the summer, at a young filmmakers workshop. That grew into a photography biz that has now also added wedding videography. Witnessing the love stories I get to tell is quite literally the best feeling ever.

Ceremony Video

The ceremony video starts from the time you walk into the venue in your gown until you walk down the aisle as a newly married couple.

We’ll use three cameras during the ceremony, two full-frame, and one action camera so we can switch camera angles when editing. For the audio, we have microphones on the cameras as well as a wireless mic on the pastor/officiant.

That mic will pick up everything they say during the wedding as well as your vows to each other.

Reception Highlight Video

The reception highlight video is a combination of all the important things during the reception, should you have them. From introductions to toasts, cake cutting to your exit, and everything in between, we’ll capture them just as they happen.

In addition, we may capture some dancing, mingling, and the like to help fill up the highlight video so you can see what happened while you were making your rounds with family and guests.